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Juarez Hospital Center
Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Juarez Hospital Center, is a hospital that has a history intimately linked to medicine in Mexico, mainly to the surgery, was born in the year 1847 for receive the wounded from the fighting, and Padierna of Churubusco during the war of intervention against United States of America, were taken to the facilities of the College and Convent of San Pablo that had the Mexican clergy, at that stage of war were allotted the premises of the colonial building for the care of injured, was used wood from a nearby bullring for the hospital to develop bunks, the first nurses were nuns of the Congregation of Sisters of Charity run by Sister Micaela Ayanz. With that great care and love for others that characterizes the nurses, received the first wounded, was enabled material for healing and all that is necessary to provide medical care. It worked as a hospital blood under the name of the Hospital of St. Paul. Upon the death of Lic. Benito Juárez as the first posthumous tribute was called by name in this hospital.

During the various reconstructions in its history, has maintained the colonial buildings as part of the hospital. One of them perhaps the most important was the construction of a modern 12-storey tower which opened in 1970. That building was demolished by the force of the earthquakes of 1985. The original place again soaked with the blood of Mexicans and health workers who were there. After the earthquakes in the process of building the new Hospital Juarez of Mexico in the north of the city, was allotted 4 Small Hospitals Juarez in the original site was not suspended the medical service to the people.

Has always maintained the hope of rebuilding a hospital in this same place in pre-Hispanic times was considered a sacred site, right there beneath the church of San Pablo, currently used as an auditorium, the basement is like a temple of the god Huitzilopochtli, the same place where he sacrificed to the Aztec warriors.

That desire is beginning to realize, has launched a new reconstruction ordered by the Ministry of Health headed by Dr. José Angel Córdova Villalobos, the project is to provide the general public, a unit of Modern High Specialty with the highest quality medical services. Work has begun whose goal is to have the new facility in late 2008. During that period, the hospital will continue to provide medical care in the Outpatient Building. The staff is already in the process of training to face this great challenge and contribute their expertise for the benefit of patients.

Begins a new stage of the Juarez Hospital of the Center, the people of Mexico deserves it.


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Address: Plaza San Pablo #13, Col Centro, C.P. 06090, Deleg. Cuauhtémoc, México D.F.

Phone: (0155)5542-2224



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